Vision Series 2021

Winter Devotions





How do we find a shape to our lives? From the words of our creator in the Bible. As we meditate on what he has said to us we find wisdom for life and hope for eternity.

Come on a journey this August as we explore what the scripture says about service. Spend a couple of minutes hearing what the Bible has to say. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in August we will have instalments to encourage and challenge you.

Day 13 – We take a deep dive into an important question raised by Paul. Are we serving to win the approval of human beings or of God?

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Day 12 – We try to reflect on Acts 3:13 and answer the questions – How can we be optimistic about our service?

Day 11 – Pippie reflects on Mark 10:42-45, where Jesus shows that he is the Ultimate Servant King. The Son of God who should have been served; chooses to serve the many by dying for their Sin.

Day 10 – Why should we feel energised by or jump at opportunities to serve others?

Day 9 – Prash talks about the great and glorious servant who suffered on the cross for imperfect servants, an act that is the greatest moment of servanthood.

Day 8 – In today’s video, Pippie looks at a critical quality of a leader and in leadership; Servant Heartedness.

Day 7 – No matter how you feel or how many times you fail. You can trust in God’s forgiveness and always approach him.

Day 6 – We all need the King. 

Day 5 – How do we find the strength to overcome fears and doubts about serving?

Day 4 – How do we respond when we realise our motivations for serving have been wrong?

Day 3 – Matt looks at various times in the bible where God empowered the people who choose to serve.

Day 2 – Genesis 3:1-10 – Our service is limited by our pride. Featuring a fun science experiment.

Day 1 – We try to match the biblical view of serving with our initial responses to the task.