Dumpling Making Night


12th Aug, 2022.

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Vision Series 2022

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Traditional Service - 7:45AM

A more reflective service with organ and hymns, drawing on the classical Anglican liturgies.  Our service ends with refreshments and a chance to chat.

Morning Service - 9:45am

We love having people of all ages at our Morning Service. We start the service together, and then the children head to a program dedicated to applying the Bible in age appropriate ways. 

Evening Church-5:30pm

This service aims at a younger crowd but you'll find people from all ages. We kick off with church at 5:30pm and then enjoy supper and the occasional dinner together.




We Long to be a church made

beautiful, diverse and large

by the gracious work of Christ
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Exploring Faith

We have many different ways to help you ask questions and explore the Christian faith. Let us know if you want more information by filling in the form.

Gospel and Prayer (GaP) Groups

For Adults

Gospel and Prayer (GaP) Groups are small gatherings of people who meet regularly at various times throughout the week to remind and encourage each other of the gospel truths we find in the Bible, to shape their prayers around the gospel, to care for each other in light of the gospel and to see the church grow. Being part of a GaP Group is a great way to grow in your relationship with God, deepen your prayer life, care for others and see God’s church grow. Let us know you are interested by filling in the form.

Sunday and Fridays

Kids and Youth

We want to help young people grow in their devotion to God’s word, find a community that supports them and explore the big and important questions of life. Let us know if you want more information on what we offer.

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We love staying connected. If you are new to St Stephen’s, or want to let us know something, please fill in a Connect Card.


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Monday to Wednesday & Friday 9am to 4pm


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