Jesus always had time for people with questions

We want to give you space to ask your questions.
Here are three ways you can ask your questions and explore the Christian faith
1. Join a group 

Simply Christianity”

Christianity, at it’s heart, is not about rules and rituals but about Jesus Christ – a person we can get to know through reading the Gospel of Luke.” This is a course for people wanting to understand Jesus for themselves. Join us for an easy five-weeks on Zoom, where we read Luke’s gospel, share dessert, good conversation and good fun. Simple! To register for the event fill out the details below.


2. read the Bible

Meet with someone

Want to meet one of our staff members to read the Bible. We would love to! Let us know you are interested by filling in the form.

3. We want to hear from you

Ask us a Question

Got questions about the Christian faith or St Stephens. Feel free to ask us and we will respond to you.