We Long to be a church made

beautiful, diverse and large

by the gracious work of Christ
Who is St Stephen's?
Mission Statement

As a church captivated by Christ we commit to:

i. Praying big prayers shaped by the gospel

ii. Bringing friends to faith

iii. Growing the young in their devotion to God’s word

iv. Celebrating together for the glory of Christ.

What do we believe?

Core Belief Statement

At St Stephen’s we believe in the authority and reliability of the Bible. The Bible is the source of truth and the foundation for understanding God and ourselves.

We believe that while God is our creator, humankind has treated him as less than that.  As such we recognise that we and all of humanity have sinned and fall short of God’s good design for humankind. Apart from God’s grace we are destined for judgment.

At Stephen’s our great joy and hope comes in knowing the gospel of Jesus Christ which offers hope of forgiveness and life everlasting. We believe that God sent his one and only Son into the world to die for us and bring us to him. By faith we are assured God accepts us because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. We live as God’s people, reliant on his Holy Spirit who pours God’s love into our hearts, shows us Christ and transforms us through his word – the Bible.

Our mission is shaped by God’s heart for us. God came to find us, at great cost to himself. We are challenged to go and seek out friends and point them to Jesus by proclaiming and living out the implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Along with all Christians around the world we believe in the historic creeds of the church and ascribe to the 39 Articles of the Anglican Church of Australia.

our Team

Staff & Leadership

Prashanth Colombage

Senior Minister

Matt Straw

Assistant Minister

Pippie van den Heuvel

Kids & Youth Minister

Jill Chilton

Women’s Pastor

Robert Cooper

Operations Director

Kushak Sharma

Comms & Admin Director