Since the Parish Council and Wardens agreed to selling 86 Laurel Street in September 2020 the value of the land has appreciated markedly. A new ordinance is required to handle any funds remaining after sale of the land and purchase of subsequent properties under the original proposal.

In light of the expected windfall, the Parish Council and Wardens have agreed to donate 7.5% of any amount over the 2020 value to the ‘Greenfields Fund’ run by New Churches for New Communities. This will enable the development of new churches in our diocese – exactly what is needed for gospel ministry to flourish. The remaining funds (hopefully significant) will be utilised on (a) capital expenditure on site or (b) purchase of a 3rd property. An amending ordinance is required to allow these changes. A decision on which option to proceed with will be made once we know how much Laurel Street sells for.  A notice and draft amending ordinance can be found here and here.