Big Questions of Life – January 2022 

1. Big Questions of Life series

What would make the world better?

In January we are responding to your suggestions in our Summer Series survey. After receiving many responses we have got 4 great talks in January for you to enjoy, reflect and debate over:

Jan 9 – David Robertson (author of ASK)

“Does a more tolerance & less judgment = a better world?”

Jan 16 – Prash Colombage (minister at St Stephen’s)

“Does a slower-paced life = a better world?”

Jan 23 – John Lavender (fmr minister of Glenmore Park)

“Does a more environmentally sustainable life = a better world?”

Jan 30 – Glenn Davies (fmr Archbishop of Sydney)

“Does peace between nations = a better world?”

Join us online or in-person. Our 5:30pm in-person service has a Q&A time for any of your related and unrelated questions.

2. Lunar New Year Dinner

Come join us as we celebrate Lunar New Year together and explore the meaning of life.

When: Wed 9 February 2022

Our night includes a great 3 course meal and artisan beer and wine tasting. We will get a chance to meet others, reflect on the core question of life and share our thoughts. It’s a great way to take your New Year celebrations to a profound new level. Dinner costs $25 pp and registration is required.